Power your Business with the Digital Commerce Platform (DCP)

The Digital Commerce Platform (DCP) will help you automate your business operations, accept payments, build customer relationships, and grow your business In-Store and Online.

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Skyrocket 🚀 your business growth with DCP

The pace of business growth has never been faster.

That's why we’ve developed our cloud-based Digital Commerce Platform to help you get ahead.

The easiest, most reliable way to grow and manage your business is right at your fingertips with the DCP.

Having the right software can be a lifesaver for your business, and with it, you can revolutionize your business's growth

Access Anywhere!

Check your business data from anywhere, anytime. See live updates, get feedback in real-time and make decisions on the go!

No Installation

No software installation needed, No hardware dependency. Just open browser & start using. Simple to use interface to get work done in few clicks. Save your time & make it easy for staff to use.

Mobility Platform

DCP comes with an Enterprise Mobile App on Android and IOS that can be used as is or customized for specific business needs

Multi-Branches & Warehouses

Manage stock in multiple branches from one place effortlessly & real-time.

Stock Management

Manage stock in multiple locations with stock expiry, lot numbers, stock history & much more.

Service Management

Manage & easily invoice for services. track project tasks, expenses, schedule & deliver services on time while keeping customers informed on progress through Email, SMS and WhatsApp notifications

HR Management

Easily and effectively manage your staff. Track daily attendance, targets, commissions, shifts, staff leave, Payroll, Holidays, Departments & Designations

Customer Management (CRM)

Track leads lifecycle, sales pipeline, follow-ups with leads and customers, lead sources, launch campaigns, proposals and lot more

Field Force Management

Optimize your field sales and service by keeping sales and service teams connected.Track relevant performance and data that increases the productivity and efficiency of the business


Comes inbuilt with relevant reports to help business owners analyze every aspect of your revenue, inventory, payments & human resource and have actionable insights to keep the business moving forward.

We're Ready For Your Business!

If you're in need of business management software, you've come to the right place. 

We have a clean, easy to use platform that is sure to fit your business!


A complete suite of features to manage manage restaurants with contatless QR code menus, waiter ordering, kitchen workflow, ingredients tracking and e-commerce

Manufacturing & Distribution

Low-cost MRP & Distribution software featuring Multi-level Bill Of Materials, Integrated Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Order Management & Fulfillment, Purchases, Omni-Channel Sales, Field force Management, e-Invoicing, Tax, CRM, Estimating and Quoting, e-commerce

Wholesale & Retail

A complete suite of features to manage both wholesale & retail stores. Set multiple prices for different customer segments or different business locations.


DCP is perfect for any pharmaceutical company in both Distribution, Wholesale and Retail. You can set product expiration dates and lot numbers, and sell in different units of measure. Stop selling expired & to-be-expired items to customers. Check detailed reports on stock expiry by lot numbers


Easy to use for every liquor shop. Sell in ml or simply sell the bottle, you can easily manage them.


Operate a full-fledged Single Vendor / Multi-Vendor online Store or Marketplace with real-time Sync on Products, Categories, Tax and Orders to ensure frictionless e-commerce operations both for customers and back office

Repair Business

A complete suite of features to manage repair business, create job sheets, assign job sheets to technicians, repair status, convert job sheets to invoices. Self-service link for customers to check on repair progress

DCP Stats & Numbers

More & More businesses are adopting our cloud-based business management solution

We have happy customers

What They Says About Us

Eunice Wanyoike, Saucy Wines (Retail & Distribution)

DCP has become one of the backbones of our business. It helped us streamline the data of all our warehouses & shops on one platform. I am not much of a techie guy but the admin panel also allows you to customize every aspect of the application.

All the reports help me to give an overview of different aspects of our business.

It is very powerful!

Luka Mugo, Lumar Supermarket (Retail)

DCP has truly helped my business run more smoothly and efficiently. I can now track and manage inventory, customer information, and sales easily. The configurations were quick and easy, and the interface is very user-friendly. I can now manage almost every business operation with one single window!

Martin Muasya, Jaunty Beverages (Distribution)

We have used this for 9 months now. It has helped our business grow by leaps and bounds. The interface and its simplicity have made it easy for us to learn and get familiar with. The best thing about this software is that it is cloud-based and we can use it from our shop, warehouse, or mobile while traveling. I can also see its potential as we continue to grow. Highly Satisfied!

Automate your business Today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we switch to cloud-based business management software compared to traditional desktop software?

Cloud-based software provides you with low-cost, secure & mobile software solutions. Compared to traditional software that requires you to install on a computer, cloud-based software can be accessed from anywhere without any hardware dependency.

How secure is my business data?

DCP keeps your data safe in the cloud using encryption, firewalls, regular automated backups, access control, monitoring, and updates. It's like a super-secure digital vault that protects your valuable information from unauthorized access and threats, ensuring your data remains confidential and reliable while protecting against any form of data loss.

Whom should I reach out to in case of any problems?

Please contact our 24/7 support through our phone / whatsapp support number +254751650020 or support@cybcorp.tech, write us in the contact section or call to the number mentioned. You're assured to receive a response in a maximum of 24 hours.

Is the DCP application Free?

We do provide a free trial for every small business. To take more advantage of the DCP we recommend that you purchase a plan that unlocks more features.

Do you provide consultancy or implementation solutions on top of the DCP?

Yes, whichever plan you subscribe to, you can connect with our experts who will help you with implementing the solution for your business for a competitive rate depending on the scope of implementation

Are there any additional hardware required or subscription charges?

This is cloud-based software. You'll only need a device with an internet connection & an internet browser (Google Chrome, FireFox, Microsoft Edge etc.) . It runs within the browser. No additional hardware is required. But you can use some hardware like barcode scanners, and printers for your convenience to speed up work.

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